White Hat SEO Method Manual Article Submission

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White Hat SEO Method Manual Article Submission

Manual article submission refers to visiting each individual and submitting the articles. Automated article submission involves using a software to submit the articles. Manual article submission is more effective than automatic article submission because it emphasis on building links progressively.

Disadvantages of Automated Article Submission

If you use automated article submission, your articles will never get indexed by the search engine. Since you post the same articles to multiple article sites, you are creating duplication problem. The articles are not unique so they will never get ranked on the search engine. Furthermore, using automated article submission can get your author account banned. The article directories have an automation script that can detect automated submission. When the moderator find out that you are using an automated article submission software to perform the submission, it will track down your author account and delete all the articles. He will auto delete your account and ban the IP address of your automated article submission software. If you keep on using the automated software, your IP address will get banned so that you cannot access the article directory site. Someone people may tries to switch the IP address and access the article directory sites.

The search engine knows if your articles are submitted manually through automated submission software. Most people are ignorant that the search engine spy on their internet activity all the time. If your article managed to get indexed, it will only last for a short time. It won’t stay on the search result for a long time because the search engine will perform investigation soon. When the search engine knows that you are using an automated software to perform the submission, your article will be deranked. Your article will never rank again on the search result because you are using automated software. The search engine carries out investigation on people that are getting a lot of backlinks at one time. If you are a new site, it will seem unnatural to get a lot of backlinks at one time. For example, if your site is just 2 day old and you get 1000 backlinks through automated article submission in 1 week, it will seem very suspicious to the search engine. Obviously, you cannot get so many links in a such a short time.

CAuthority sites can rank well in front of the search engine result because it already exists on the search engine for many years. In order to rank well in the search engine, you must take into account many factors including age, podcasts, videos, and etc. The search engine will look into many factors when ranking the site and not just the number of backlinks.

If you want to rank well in the search engine, you should perform the submission manually. By performing manual article submission, your site will get backlinks slowly. You can submit a few articles per week. By submitting a few articles per week, you will see that your site traffic increase tremendously. Article submission becomes effective when you attempt to perform manual submission.

Manual Directory Submission can Increase Your Exposure

Manual directory submission will help your site to get a decent online exposure. Directory submission is not as adding a URL to the directory. You have to do research to find the directories on the internet. You should only submit to the best directories on the internet. There are many directories on the internet that have pagerank 0. Most of the directories that have a pagerank 0 are new sites. It is recommended that you don’t submit your site to the new directories because it won’t help your search engine ranking at all. Since these directories cannot help you to increase ranking, it will be a waste of time to submit to them. Instead, you should submit to the directories that have pagerank. Some directories receive a high traffic volume. Directories that receive a high traffic volume usually have a high pagerank. By submitting the directories with pagerank, you not only get a quality backlink but also some referral traffic. The referral traffic can increase your conversion rate and help you to make more sales.

Outsourcing the Manual Directory Submission Services

Many people don’t like to submit their sites to the directories because they have to perform the monotonous task. They have to sit in front of the computer and fill in the same website details over and over again. It takes time to type the website details into the fields. In addition, you have to type in the Captcha code. If you type in the wrong Captcha code, you will have to retype it again. It can be very troublesome to submit to the directories. If you don’t want to have this problem, you can outsource it to a search engine optimization (SEO) company. The SEO company can help you to submit to the directories that will actually help to increase your ranking in the search engine.

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