Profitable Websites - The Right Domain Name

Profitable Websites - The Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name can be critical to the success of a website.

Most Internet users remember websites by their domain names; your domain name will affect the way people link to you, and the way you rank in search engines.

When at all possible, choose a domain name that closely matches your business purpose. For personal sites and blogs, focus on your core theme or brand goals when choosing a domain name.

Remember- your domain name should always related to your overall business and brand strategy.

Choose a name that is rich in keywords that describe or related to your business. This will help indirectly increase your site visitors as Google will see links that use your domain name. The benefits are two-fold– you’ll have domain name that not only reaches your audience but also lands you higher in search engines.

In our example we target the "profitable websites" keyword so our best domain name can be as it has both of our target keywords.

We are using a tricky (but absolutely legal) method and we set up a sub domain name based on our main ( domain name that will include our targeted keywords so our best domain name will be

Ok, now we know our target market we have our quality keywords and we have set up our keyword rich domain name. Let's write our keyword rich page content..

Step 4 - Keyword Rich Page Content

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