Profitable Websites - Keyword Research

Profitable Websites - Keyword Research

Millions of potential customers use search engines to buy products and services. Do you know what your customers are searching for?

In the game of marketing, content is king. There is a lot of discussion about search engine optimization and the use of keywords, but in reality the most important thing that you can do when trying to leverage keywords to use the RIGHT KEYWORDS.

Your business or website has a particular target audience. When you choose the right words, you will get increases in website traffic, pay per click income, affiliate advertising income, more people opting-in to your subscriber list and more sales of your products and services.

If you choose the wrong words, you are just another struggling internet marketing business.

So, how to choose the right keywords?

This is something that great copywriters have been doing for years. Some search engine optimization experts will rave about the choice of keywords and stuffing your site.

While keywords can certainly drive traffic to your website, the question is, “Are they the right people that you want driven to your website”? Driving the right traffic to your website involves understanding your target audience and the ‘words’ that will attract the right audience to you.

Understanding SEO is not just about keywords, it is really about choosing the right keywords for your business and your website. Understanding the right keywords for your business and your audience will help you to maximize all of your writing efforts, ultimately leading to an increase in revenue and success for your business.

How do Keywords help your business?

The keywords and keyword phrases used in your written content are the same keywords that prospects will type into various search engine programs i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, YouTube, etc.

Keywords can be used in blog postings, articles, forum postings, advertisements, titles, meta tags on your website and in your primary website page content.

When you choose the right keywords, it will help your website to receive a higher ranking on the search engines, making it easier for potential customers or leads to find you.

How can you choose keywords for your business?

The first thing you need to do is go to websites which provide tools for doing keyword research. There are few 100% free tools that you can be using over and over again. Below are 3 TOP tools that we use personally:

1. Google Keyword Tools -

2. Wordtracker -

3. SEO Book -

You may want to make the above URLs as favorite as you're going to be using it for a very long time! In this tutorial, we are going to use Google Keyword tools.

Once you open Google Keyword Tools, you can just directly type the main keywords. In this example we want to find out and research about Websites.

Profitable Websites - Keyword Research

The results will show the average amount of times someone searches for a particular word in a search engine per month.

As you can see websites is searched 1 million times a month on average. When we searched websites, not only did we get the websites term, but a bunch of other keywords underneath it, ranging from 246,000 times a month searched all the way down to around 590 times a month searched.

As the websites keyword is a such a large market with lot's of competitors, the best advice I can tell you is to focus on keywords searched between 1000-10,000 times a month. This can help you to focus on keywords with far less competition, thus result in faster higher ranking.

In our example we target the "profitable websites" keyword as it has 1,900 monthly searches which is just perfect as it will drive high quality targeted traffic for us that will involve lots of sales.

Now that we have our keywords we are ready to begin to choose the right domain name for our business.

Step 3 - The Right Domain Name

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