Profitable Websites - Drive Traffic & Make Money

Drive Traffic & Make Money

To get customers, you Should Drive Traffic To your website. it's that simple.

I Show You 6 Ways How To Get 100's Extra Visitors To Your Website!

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization perhaps the most important -- and inexpensive -- strategy is to rank high for your preferred keywords on the main search engines like Google so that when your customers search online, you (and not your competitors) are found.

If you haven't done your page content optimization for the search engines please go back to Step 7 - Search Engine Optimization.

2. Article Marketing

Promoting your websites by publishing articles to various article directories is by no means a new idea but still an extremely powerful way to drive traffic. Well-written articles released for free distribution have the potential of increasing the authoring business' credibility as well as attracting new clients.

More about Effective Article Marketing Coming Soon!

3. Blog Commenting

Commenting on blog posts written by industry experts with lots of followers can bring your website a lot of traffic. When you post a comment (most) blogs allow you to leave a link back to your site for other readers to check out – as long as you leave an insightful comment you will get traffic from your blog comments.

Make sure you comment as quickly as possible when new blog posts go up. The higher in the comments you are the more clicks you’ll get. I have Google Reader setup to alert me when new blog posts are made on the industry blogs I follow and I comment immediately to lock in my first place spot.

More about Blog Commenting Coming Soon!

4. Yahoo! Answers

People ask thousands of questions every day in almost every niche and industry you can imagine. A quick search for “Search Engine Optimization” shows over 1,300 questions that can be answered. The key to driving massive amounts of traffic from Yahoo!

This technique has the potential to send you far more than 100 visitors. Answers result will appear near the top of the search results. This will give you and your website a ton of exposure if you answer commonly asked questions!

More about Yahoo! Answers Coming Soon!

5. Forum Posting

Participating in high ranking forums does two things. One: it gives you a good back-link. Two: asking questions or answering them can give you extra added exposure and web-site traffic.

Tip: Find forums that is related to your niche. Type in google’s search box: inline: yourniche forums

More about Forum Posting Coming Soon!

6. Twitter Marketing

Every time I write new content I post it to twitter. If you use the right keywords and make your tweet interesting enough you can get a lot of clickthroughs just from people searching.

For example if I write an article about SEO and Google I can tag the end of the tweet with #SEO #Google and anyone that searches for those keywords on Twitter can see my tweet about the post that I wrote. Be sure to write creative headlines for your posts so people feel the urge to click on them.

More about Twitter Marketing Coming Soon!

Let's get analyse our marketing effectiveness.

Step 9 - Monitor & Analyse

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