Manual Article Submission Vs Automated Article Submission

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Manual Article Submission Vs Automated Article Submission

Manual article submission takes a lot more time than automated article submission but can in many ways bring you the best results in terms of acceptance of your articles as well as in terms of link building. In this article we'll see why this is the case, what manual article submission involves and when you should submit manually rather than doing automatic article submissions.

Why can manual article submission bring you better results than automatic submission?

Manual article submission is the only method that is approved by 100% of article directories. Your articles are submitted under the correct category, in the right format, and you can solve captcha images, which is not always possible in the case of an automated article submission.

This is why by submitting by hand, you'll have far more articles accepted than by using a submission software. This means more traffic and more backlinks to your website.Moreover, you will have articles accepted on high pagerank, high traffic directories, that would have rejected your submission if it had been done automatically. If you are doing article marketing for seo and link building, then you will have far more quality backlinks by submitting your articles manually to the best directories.

What does manual article submission involve?

Manual article submission involves doing an analysis of which articles should be submitted to which general or niche directories, and then it involves doing each and every article submission by hand following the editorial guidelines of each directory, thus ensuring a good acceptance rate of your articles.

First, you need to identify the directories you will want to submit to. Then, you will have to create an account on each one and confirm your account. Once you have accounts at directories, you will have to submit your article in the right category, and fill in the fields following the specific editorial guidelines of the directory for the title, the summary, the body and the resource box of your article.

Depending on the directory, you will also need to add html codes in the body of the article.Last, you'll need to format your resource box links adequately. Some article directories accept only one link, most accept two links. Some of them accept html anchor text links, some only accept full url links, and others only accept anchor text links that are hyperlinked (no html syntax). Then, some directories only accept links in specific designated areas of the article submission form.

When should you submit manually rather than doing automatic article submissions?

If you want to submit articles to many small directories, you might be better off using a software. But if you are targeting the quality, high pagerank, high traffic directories, your best bet is to do manual article submissions. For example, never use a software to submit to Ezinearticles, as they will detect it and will probably put your account on hold.

Your best strategy would be to make a list of the top 50 directories you want to submit to and manually submit your articles to them. Then, make another list of 50 more directories you're interested in, whether general directories or niche related ones, and submit articles to them using an automated article submission software.

If you decide to use a manual article submission service, you'll save a lot of time while having the benefits of high acceptance rate and quality link building.

If you have the budget, definitely consider the manual article submission option.

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