How to use Facebook and Twitter to promote your business

How to use Facebook and Twitter to promote your business

Facebook and Twitter are the two popular social media sites on the internet.

Many businesses use Facebook and Twitter to promote their websites. They are able to get a lot of referral sales by social bookmarking on Facebook and Twitter. Like all SEO tactics, you must do it in the right way before you can see effective result.

Facebook and Twitter allows businesses to build a large number of followers to their products and services. As their follower list becomes larger, more people will get to know their products and services.

Additionally, businesses can engage in conversation with their customers. Sometimes, businesses can post a question and let their followers to answer it. In this way, customers will become familiar with the products that they are selling. You can use the search box to find followers to your site.

For example, you are promoting a dental website, you can type in “teeth care” in the search box. After you hit enter, you will find a list of people who are interested in teeth care. Sometimes, the search result appears because the keyword happen to be in the post. To make sure the person is interested in your industry, you should visit their profile.

You can check their interest to see if they are interested in your industry. If they have the same interest with you, you can follow them. By following them, they will follow you back. In this way, you will be able to build a large network of followers. You can promote your product or service to the followers from time to time.

In order to use the Facebook and Twitter account, you must sign up for an account with them. After registering for an account, you can update the profile page. The profile page is used to provide brief information about your profession. You should upload a real photo for the avatar. If you use a fake photo, people know so it is best to use a real photo. By using a real photo, people will regard you as a professional. You should use the most professional photo you have. You can wear a formal suit to make it look professional.

You should not attempt to post too many tweets per day. Posting too many tweets per day will not increase your ranking in the search engine. Some people assume posting a lot of tweets can help them to gain backlinks. No matter how many backlinks you post on Twitter, it will only be counted as one backlink.

If you want to get backlinks for your site, you can post links to interesting article on your site in the Twitter message. If people like your article, they will link to it on their website. The tweets which you post will appear on the homepage of the followers’ account. If you post too many tweets, it will fill their profile page with links from the same site. Your followers will be annoyed by you and unfollow you. Generally, you should update only once per day.

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  • Zak London Mar 17 2011

    This is an interesting post, I do however think with how fast twitter moves with so many users and automated tools these days that it is ok to post more than once. Especially if targeting different users in different time zones


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